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Fermented Birch Sap, a treasure from our edible forest in the heart of Normandy, is an exceptional raw and living product from Akal Farm.

This delicious and slightly sparkling beverage is perfect for a natural aperitif.

Rich in probiotics, minerals, and trace elements, this sap is a true elixir that provides deep purification. It eliminates toxins accumulated during the summer and promotes organic remineralization, essential for maintaining our inner balance.

You will also feel the benefits in your joints, experiencing a sense of calmness and flexibility. And let's not forget the reinforcement of the immune system, crucial for staying healthy throughout the colder days.


Ingredients: 100% birch sap.

Did you know?

Birch sap contains probiotics that, through a low-temperature and oxygen-free lacto-fermentation process, enhance its properties. During this process, which can last up to 6 months, it is normal to see the packaging swell and notice the appearance of a white film or natural deposit, signs of quality.

In these conditions and in its original packaging, the sap transitions from being called "fresh" to "lacto-fermented". Lacto-fermentation is the preservation method that best preserves nutrients, promoting better assimilation and enhancing the nutritional value of this precious substance.

This natural drink offers 5 essential benefits for your body, resulting from the fusion between nature and artisanal tradition:

  • Deep Purification: It meticulously eliminates accumulated toxins.
  • Inner Balance: Promotes remineralization, essential for maintaining your inner balance.
  • Joint Soothing: You will feel a sense of calmness and flexibility.
  • Fortified Immune System: Strengthen your immune system to be at your best approaching autumn.
  • Beneficial Probiotics: Thanks to lacto-fermentation, it provides a precious dose of probiotics beneficial for your intestinal health.

How to use it?

For a better purification of your body and effective remineralization, we recommend incorporating our well-being potion every morning on an empty stomach, with 200 ml of birch sap.

Opt for the 5-liter format, and you will have a complete one-month detox, allowing for deep purification.

Its slight effervescence and taste reminiscent of kombucha and kefir make it a delicious choice for a natural aperitif. You can also mix it with juice, such as apple juice, for a unique flavor.

For synergistic benefits, combine it with our Spirulina potion, for an even more powerful well-being experience.


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