Kissmi, raw cocoa truffle


Raw chocolate truffle with a spirulina crunch !


Spirulina and raw chocolate, the perfect match ! So Yummy !

The melting texture of the chocolate match with perfection with the little crunch of spirulina. Natural taste enhancer, spirulina raises the depth of raw cocoa with its tannic and vegetal flavors. It also reveals its power. For fans, these truffles will delight the most discerning palate !

Frederic Marr's raw fair-trade chocolate

We wanted to marry spirulina with chocolate, and we naturally met the perfect artisan, Frederic Marr (founder of Rrraw). Like our spirulina, Frederic's chocolate is raw ! The cocoa beans are not roasted and his truffles are all vegan... it took just one taste to be seduced ! Sharing the same ethical values sealed the partnership.

Keeps fresh for 12 months


Made in France

Additionnal informations

The yummy family associate spirulina with other super food for pleasure and ones well-being.

Perks of raw cocoa

The cold ground cocoa beans keeps all their nutritional benefits. But cocoa is not only delicious but also a powerful antioxydant and trace elements complex : magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and potassium.

The chocolate is made from criollo beans from Peruvian Amazon. They are fermented for 5 to 10 days before being dried at low temperature, instead of being traditionally roasted.

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55 g
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