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Sponsor your loved ones!

Do you like yogi potions and Akal Food spirulina?

  You have loved ones who want to take care of their health, invite them to join the Akal adventure! To support them as well as possible, we present our sponsorship program.

Share your love of spirulina!

You like Akal products, let your loved ones know. Receive a 15% discount coupon on your next order by referring them. Sponsorship is quick and easy. You can invite your friends in different ways:


Submit your sponsorship on social networks


Give your referral link to your friends or post it on the internet.


Send them your email or your sponsor code to enter when registering


Finally by filling out a form in the sponsorship program area, and they will receive an invitation email.

147 / 5000 Résultats de traduction By inviting your referrals to join the Akal adventure, they will receive a 15% discount voucher that can be used immediately on their first order.
By sponsoring your loved ones, you will receive a 15% reduction voucher for each godson who places their first order on the site.


I am a godfather

  1. I log into my account
  2. I go to the "referral program" area
  3. I type the email of my godson or I share my information
  4. I send the invitation


My godchildren

  1. They receive an invitation or information from the sponsor.
  2. They create their account by entering the sponsorship or email code of the sponsor.
  3. They get their discount voucher.
  4. They can take advantage of their voucher.


My presents

A 15% reduction as soon as my referrals place their first order.

Leur cadeau

A 15% reduction voucher that can be used immediately on your first order.


The Godfather

  • Be Akal Food customer
  • Have an Akal Food account
  • Have a purchase over the year

The godson

  • Not be an Akal Food customer
  • Not have an Akal Food account

Discount coupons

  • Valid for 6 months
  • cannot be combined with other discount vouchers
  • Valid from € 20.00 of purchase


I am a godfather

Go to your account, section “Sponsorship program - Invite relatives”. 2 solutions are available to you: share your email or sponsor code with your loved one so that they indicate it at the bottom of their registration form or enter their email so that they will directly receive an invitation email.

The discount voucher is generated automatically as soon as your referral has placed his first order.

No, they cannot be combined with each other, nor with any other discount voucher.

You can use your sponsorship discount voucher as soon as you receive it by email (check for spam). It will automatically appear in your basket, you just need to enter it in the "promo code" box in your basket.

The sponsorship discount voucher granted is valid for 6 months from € 19.00 of purchase.

Your referral reward will be deactivated.

You need to log into your account. Upon registration, your godchild must enter the sponsorship number or the sponsor's email address. You will then receive a message by email (check your spam) as soon as your godson has ordered, you can find your godson's history in the "list of sponsored relatives" space.

You can access the referral program in your "account" in the "referral program" area. You must have a customer account and an order within the year.

No, our sponsorship program aims to introduce our products to people who do not know them. You will therefore not be able to sponsor someone who already has an account with us.

The discount applies as soon as the sponsorship code is inserted in the field provided for this purpose in the "promo code" basket. The discount applies to the total amount of the basket including VAT, excluding delivery costs

I am a godchild

You must create an account on the Akal Food site with the sponsorship number or email address of your sponsor. You just need to enter it in the sponsorship code box when registering. You will receive an email with your promo code.

The reduction voucher is valid for 6 months, from € 19.00 of purchase, cannot be combined with other reduction vouchers.

No, they cannot be combined with each other or with any other discount.

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