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Spiruline "TONIC" 100g


Natural organic energizing drink with spirulina to have good energy and good mood!


  • Gives 4 to 5 hours of energy
  • Boost concentration and physical tone
  • Natural alternative to coffee
  • Awakens body and mind!



Magic potion that awakens body and mind. Increases concentration and clears your mind. Brings physical energy and good mood for 5 hours ! Stimulates motivation, even when you'd like to stay in bed :) !

The synergy between spirulina, guarana and acerola brings a stable and tonifying affect. The alliance with ginger and spices gives balance and also a yummy taste !

Sport : Enhances performance.

Exams : Increases your mental concentration.

Driving : Keeps alert.

Party : Keeps you dancing through the night.



1 teaspoon in a glass of juice or water... Apple juice is our favorite !

Drink in the morning, 30 minutes before exercising or at night for partying.

Don't mix with caffeinated or hot drinks.



Spirulina (40%)**, guarana premium*, freezer dried acerola*, ginger*, cinnamon*, cardamom*, black pepper* and cloves*.

* 60 % of the ingredients are certified organic. FR-BIO-01

** Fair trade

Keeps fresh for up to 1 year.



Product of France.


Additional information

Our tonic products associate spirulina with other superfood for an energy enhancement.


> Learn more about spirulina's benefits here.


Potions des yogis


Data sheet

100 g
Prepared in
Desired effects
Brain & Body Boost
Vitamin C

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