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Spiral Flow 500


Spirulina natural antioxidant organic drink for immune tone, remineralization and sport recovery.

Organic drink with spirulina for recovery and boost its natural defenses!

Reduces fatigue due to iron deficiency

Stimulates the immune system

In recovery after the effort

Brings vitality when you have a little bit of slack


Spirulina drink, a real magic potion that regenerates, ideal after an effort. Complementary to the Spirtonic, Spiral Flow recharges the batteries* to start new adventures. It revives energy gently.

A source of iron and rich in vitamin C, this soft, slightly sweetened beverage helps reduce tiredness** and stimulates natural defenses*. Vitamin C helps to fix the iron of the spirulina and the nettle.

Athletes will appreciate it especially during the recovery phase for its contribution of proteins and minerals.

It's caffeine-free, suitable for pregnant woman, breastfeeding woman and children.

*Spirulina increases vitality and strengthens natural defenses

**Vitamin C helps reduce tiredness and helps the nervous system



A teaspoon in a glass of juice. Delicious with apple juice.

To drink in the morning or after the effort. One to two drinks a day.



1 year


Made in France, at the ESAT in Colombelles (14).



Spirulina, acerola*, nettle, banana, Tulsi, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, black pepper.

100% of ingredients come from organic farming

*Equitable and Demeter (Label biodynamie)

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