Green Tea Apple and Spirulina


Let yourself be enchanted by the subtle balance between the delicacy of Sencha green tea and the benefits of spirulina, complemented by the delicate nuances of apple.

This creation, a result of collaboration between AKAL and Flore Norman, recognized specialists respectively for spirulina cultivation and tea manufacturing, offers you:

- Antioxidants: Sencha green tea is rich in antioxidants, known to help combat free radicals in the body.

- Stimulation and Vitality: Its natural caffeine content can provide a gentle energy boost without the peaks and crashes associated with the caffeine in some coffees.


Discover this unique infusion of Sencha green tea, enhanced by a refreshing touch of apple and a delicate hint of spirulina. From the first sip, this tea reveals a vegetal and fruity freshness that delights the palate. The subtle combination of apple and spirulina offers fruity and herbal flavors.

Recommended for sports enthusiasts and those seeking vitality, this blend harmonizes the finesse of Sencha green tea with a subtle presence of spirulina, enhanced by delicate notes of apple.

Each sip of this delicious blend offers a balanced experience, blending the natural benefits of these carefully selected ingredients.

Sencha Green Tea, the main component of this infusion, is known for its antioxidant-rich properties, providing defense against free radicals while offering a light and sustained stimulation. In addition, apple pieces bring a natural sweetness, perfectly balancing the flavors for a pleasant taste experience.

The presence of spirulina completes this ensemble by providing additional nutrients, potential support to the immune system while enriching this infusion.

Whether for a moment of relaxation or to accompany an active day, this Apple and Spirulina Green Tea will bring a touch of freshness and well-being to your daily life.

To fully enjoy its benefits, steep a teaspoon of our blend in hot water (45-50°C) for 3 to 4 minutes.

Carefully selected ingredients:

  • Sencha Green Tea (91.5%)
  • Apple pieces (8%) and natural flavor
  • Spirulina (0.5%)

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