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Spirtonic Display


15 organic bars for physical tone, mental clarity and good mood

Weight :
525 g
Packaging :
15 bars box
Origine :
Quantity :

1 DISPLAY = 1 box of 15 Spirtonic bars!

(2 € per bar instead of 2,50 € per unit)

A big glass of Spirtonic effects in a bar!

Spirtonic is a real magic potion that awakens body and mind. It helps with concentration for clear and effective thinking and provides physical tone* and vitality for 4 to 5 hours.

  • Sports: improves your performance*.
  • Students: increases your intellectual concentration**.
  • Drivers: keeps on alert***.
  • For all your festive evenings: make you dance until the end of night!

You have the effect of a large glass of Spirtonic in a bar with a good acid taste with organic apple and spices.

At any time, the Spirtonic bar gives you the boost you need.

It’s a trump card you keep in your gym bag, purse or backpack!

*Spirulina strengthens vitality and natural defenses

**Caffeine helps increase alertness and concentration

***Vitamin C reduces fatigue and contributes to the nervous system.

Contains caffeine, not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and children.


9 months


This bar has been manufactured by a raw food specialist according to our own recipe and with our Spirtonic to guarantee the quality and the boost effect!


Data sheet

525 g
15 bars box